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is this the building next to the main gate.?
this was the com. center, i was the duty commander ,driver.
That was my duty while a student in NSC, Class A school.
Electronics Tech. 1969-70
Place had our HF transmitters and teletype printers.
in coming radio traffic and other comms.

This place and island was very busy during the Vietnam war.
Many of the transit barracks people were very dangerous and killed 2 of our very young and innocent students.
one while shaving , other while phoning in on fire watch to say all secure.
they should never have mixed NSC with Transit and Brig.
they had escapes from the Brig too.

I did love my stay , 1 year of my life there.
we partied constantly in SF.
I was raised next to Mare Island (horse island) so knew all the places to go ,etc.

thanks for posting !
happy trails to all.

: I've explored Treasure Island quite a bit over the past couple years, documenting the remains.

: The basement of Bldg 1 seems mostly unused these days, and is VERY spooky. There are a couple SCIFs, the Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz Briefing Theater, a walk-in vault, and then a section that looks like it might have been a small hospital or infirmary, in addition to a variety of plain looking office type rooms.

: I'd love to learn from some of you what these Bldg 1 basement facilities were actually used for during whatever era you were assigned to NAVSTA TI.


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