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Hey Harry, I also was stationed in the Disbursing Office at TI from 1950 - 1951 and then was trasnferred to a DE in San Diego. I returned to TI in 1954 in a civilian status at the Disbursing Office. I am also from Indiana. I met my wife at the Disbursing Office and we were married l1 December l954. I returned to active duty in 1955 and retired in 1977. We have been in Goose Creek, SC.
since July 1972. We returned to TI for our 50th anniversary and was very depressed with the run down condition of the base. Building 218 was no longer standing. We have been searching for a book with pictures of all the buildings at TI for years with no luck. It holds a lot of fond memories for both of us. We have kicked ourself many times for not taking more pictures while we were stationed there. Do you remember, Bobby Jo Collier, (Alabama) Jim Slough (Indiana) Robert M. Hillyer (Oregon)?


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