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A weeklong seminar, conducted from September 20 to September 25, 2009, and entitled "Richard Halliburton's 'Glorious Adventures': Roads, Royal Roads, and Road Narratives" was given at Bjorklunden, Lawrence University's Seminar Center outside Bailey's Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin. Seminar leaders were Gerry Max, author of Horizon Chasers - The Lives and Adventures of Richard Halliburton and Paul Mooney (McFarland, 2007), and Carolyn Treanor, CEO of Sunflower Circle Productions which is dedicated to perpetuating the life and legacy of Richard Halliburton (1900-1939). Lectures focused on Richard Halliburton's life and impact, his travel adventures and bestselling books (The Royal Road to Romance, The Glorious Adventure, New Worlds To Conquer, The Flying Carpet and the two Books of Marvels), the history of travel writing, global competence (and study abroad programs in colleges and universities), and, finally, world fair history, including the Golden Gate International Exposition held at Treasure Island. Showcasing the Golden Gate Exposition lecture were fairground maps, contemporary newspapers, exhibit brochures, scrapbooks, commemotative coins, figurines, handkerchiefs, tickets, postcards, books, films, a 1939 San Francisco Telephone Directory and other items which put the times into context. Halliburton's letters to his parents, published posthumously in 1940 as The Story of His Life's Adventures, offer spirited glimpses into the 1939 Exposition and his unique proposed contribution to its success. Also google: Sunflower Circle Productions Carolyn Treanor


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