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Larry Blake's Rathskeller - it was on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. Used to pick up the Mills College girls there int '64/'65. very famous amongst jazz folks.

: I too have fond memories of TI and San Francisco. Once before I tried to post a message here but it apparently zoomed off to cyberspace.
: I have such vivid memories of places in the city. I have often thought of one of our "hang outs", it was a german bar, seems like it was sub street level, very large, and very loud. Seems like it may have been called the Rathskellar or something like that. I also have fond memories of the USO club, a place Dave Brubeck frequented (Black Hawk lounge??)and naturally Playland next to Golden Gate Park.
: When we were too broke to go into town, we went bowling and to the movies on base. Back in those days we could not have civilian clothes on base, so we had to have to leave our clothes at "Locker Clubs". If anyone remembers the german bar, please leave an answer..Dr. Michael Dale ET"A" school, Jan. 1961 thru Jul. 1961


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