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: Was wondering if anyone knows anything about the old, abandoned brig that was up on Y.B.I.? I lived on Y.B.I. at 300-D Nimitz Dr. as a teenager from late 1972-1977. Some of the kids I hung out with got caught inside there and got into trouble with their parents. Rumor had it that it went all the way down inside the island to the pier that was underneath the Bay Bridge on the S.F. side. I can find all kinds of references to the T.I. brig, but none to the Y.B.I. one.

I'm surprised I don't remember your name. I lived on TI from '73 to '80. I was ten when we moved there. The YBI brig does seem to be a secret for some reason. I can tell you the entrance was on top of the island and it did go down quite a ways. I do not remember how far, but I seem to recall several stories. I doubt that it went all the way down to the pier, though I can't be certain that it didn't.


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