Re: 1939-40 SF Intl Expo on 30-dim pics

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I don't have the original post in front of me but am I correct that these are typical "viewmaster" reels, such as have been around for generations? While I can't say these are common, it seems that quite a few GGIE collectors have them. There is a photographer/collector somewhere on the Atlantic Coast who actually has several sets. I believe there are two reels?

It's very difficult to place values of these sorts of things, because the value is what the market will bear. I don't see any listed on internet auctions at the moment, but they probably come up periodically.

One thing I do recall from looking at a set--these are very typical GGIE images, the kind you see in promotional materials and other official sources. What makes them unique is that they have been set up for a stereoptical viewer. I don't know if the images themselves are altered.

I'd agree with the second poster, hang onto them, if you have a need to pass them along to someone, be sure it is someone who will cherish and take care of them. You can always donate them to the Treasure Island Museum. We'll be having an exhibit again soon! you can reach the museum through me,

Good luck, and thanks for writing!


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