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: Hello again! Latest news about those days and the band: we held a reunion of the band
in 2005 here at our home near Seattle. In attendance: Dave Novak (trumpet) Tom
Rogotzke (trumpet) Dave Riegert (drums) Bob Sponholz (sax), Marty Loucks (sax) and me
(sax). While planning the occasion I spoke just once with Mr. Gene Huddleston, former
bandmaster of the 12th ND band and invited him to attend in place of the late Mr. Jerry
Bowen, our bandmaster who served after Mr. H's first tenure. He then followed Mr. Bowen
in 1964. He was very excited about attending but due to failing heath was not able to. He
did attend the Navy Musicians Association Reunion in 2005 and was taped for the
NMA archives in an interview about the old DC Navy School of Music with Dutch Albert and
Fritz Emond. Shortly after that he passed away. A sad day for Navy Music. He was one of
the best.

I am the current video archivist for the NMA and edited and burned the
interview onto DVD. Very interesting stuff. The next NMA reunion will be held in Memphis
this summer in May. My wife and I attended that last one in Virginia Beach, our first visit
and had a great time. More info on the Navy Musicians Association website. Lots of great
historic pictures there also.


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