TPU/ USS Midway CVA-41 (TI Museum)

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Its a shame how we(USGovt)give back land to the civilian population,
and then give the civilian population a hard time,
Whats so wrong about having a historical society, or a museum on the site of a retired base. Heck, did The Navy not give The City of San Diego a multi million dollar aircraft carrier, called The Midway.
When The Navy gave Florida back Key West,and The Presidential Home & land there, it was without stipulations, even the sign's remained and are displayed at and about town.
How about Mare Island, San Diego,Ca & Orlando,Fl Boot Camp's ?
The Brooklyn, and Philidelphia Navy Yards...
Even overseas, We also gave back all the bases on The Philippines Islands, and many parts of Japan back to the civilian population.
So I don't understand why The Navy is giving this museum a hard time.


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