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I, too, attended the ET "A" school on TI in 1971. I always referred to the "barracks" as "four-story asterisks". In 1971, mid-watches in the barracks consisted of walking up and down the darkened hallways with various room doors open with the sound of Santana's "Black Magic Woman" softly coming out along with the scent of incense (and other additives) and black light illuminating glowing posters hanging in the rooms. Such was 1971.

And yes, the fire watches, especially on the outer rim of the island on the Oakland side were brutal in January, with the wet wind piercing through your peacoat.

I, too, took the bus into San Francisco on most weekends, spending my time in the camera, electronics and book stores along Market Street. There were a few panhandlers and a lot of members of Hare Krishna (that spelling may also be brutal) with their shaved heads, chanting and saffron robes.

My photographs taken of San Francisco from TI during all times of the day were absolutely magnificant! What a wonderful skyline!



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