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I served aboard USS LOWE (DER-325) when she was homeported in Guam and was deployed to Vietnam for "Market Time" which really was no picnic. I remember being on board a year when the ship returned to Guam, and I pulled 30 days leave and headed back to New York City to see my family. When leave was up, I headed back to the West Coast and landed smack dab in the middle of an airline strike, which believe it or not included MATS. I spent 2 days sleeping on chairs in the lounge at Travis AFB until deciding to head to TI, where I could
check into transient barracks and get some sleep. Well! I was 19, and
near San Francisco for first time in my life...and I thought New York was wild. This city was like NYC on speed. DANG!!! and nuff said. That young boy saw more action in those 2 weeks then he ever saw in Nam all year. At least I have some good memories that don't involve


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