Served on Treasure Island,

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I first was on Treasure Island june 1939 when I was 14 years old my family traveled from Oregon to see the Worlds Fair. I enjoyed it very musch my older brother got to see the Sally Rand without a fan show I was too young. Then in 1944 I was in the Navy and was sent to Treasure Island to wait for My ship to be buit at Richmond,california The USS Oneida APA 22l. I was quatered in one of the old World Fair buildings
I worked in the gally. took gunnery parctice on the beach south of San Francisco had liberty in San Francisco. Fianlly got aboard my ship served in South pacific last of Iwo invasion and was in invasion of Okinawa. My ship was held in reserve when they had a riot on altrazz Federal Penteniary we were going to land marines on the Island. I need pictures of the old Navy base and island I am writing a history of my time during ww11 for my grandchildren any help will be appreciated


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