TI 1955--waiting for ET school

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I spent a wonderful three months on TI waiting for electronics technician class A school. When I arrived I was waiting in a line of new arrivals for TAD assignments; each person in front of me was being assigned mess cooking, so I expected the same fate. When I stepped up to the desk, the clerk looked at his sheet, asked me if I had a driver's license, then if I could type, and assigned me as a chaplain's assistant! What a cushy job--duty in the chaplain's office, driving into SF a couple of times a week to the federal building, typing occasionally. And my desk was across from a civilian gal with terrific knockers! I got Thursdays off in exchange for helping with Sunday services, too. The setting was unbelievable: the chaplain was the highest ranking in the 13th Naval District, so his "office" was a beautiful residential building, palms and greenery all around, looking west across the water to the city. Only real rush was when the disbursing officer on the Bon Homme Richard ran off with the cash one day--all of us strained to create emergency loans to the many service families affected.
I was there October through December 1955; just before I started ET school I was transferred to Music School in Washington, D.C. I had been drawn to that by listening to the navy band play each Saturday and missing it. Although I hated to leave TI, I'm glad I transferred because I still play professionally now.
I drove my 1932 Ford 5-window around SF, even on the hills with mechanical brakes. I guess at age 18 that didn't bother me.
Anyone out there who was on TI in 1955-1956?


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