Members of the Naval Electronics Drill Team in late 1953

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My girlfriend while in TI in 1953/54 was Denea Henry, the daughter of
one of the guard staff at Alcatraz, who lived out there. She made a
ceramic ashtray for me, her Blue Eyed Boy, which was signed in one way
or another by most all of my Drill Team teammates. We're all in our
late 70's now and probably some have passed on. However, here's the
list of my fellow California State Champions, as they identified
themselves on the ashtray:

Pete Bowles, Gerry Holman, Eake Eaken, Jim Garritt, R.W. Ruf, Krieg,
Fritis Fritz, Varmum, Flip Garber, Brutus Efron, Ham Bone Hamilton,
Co-Tex, Morgon, John Simpson, Chaz Schrolder, Roy Parker, McGoo
Mcgolan, Leo Klohr, Scrong Helphrey, Jim Hudson, Dinkie Hamerdinger,
Dave Ellis, Chris Christenson, Tex Cherry, Pat Carey, Ernie Barkhouse,
Atz, Pinky Muller, Dutch Slager, Bozo Bozsc

I apologize if there are misspellings or omissions, but the names
written in yellow were hard to read. The ashtray is 57 years old and
has been through a lot. Surprised that I still have it.

Bob Lawson


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