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I was stationed aboard the USS Lowe DER 325 at TI from July 1962 through November
1963 . I was a little over 17 ½ when I got there and just had turned 19 when I went to
SubPac in Pearl. I didn’t appreciate how nice TI was until I got to Pearl. The Sub Base was
a lot like TI, but we had about 3 Admirals on the base and had about three or four-Medal
of Honor guys—Admiral Flucky, Captain Street, another Admiral and some lowly
Commander—so you had to watch your Ps and Qs. One Sunday about 6:30 AM I pulled
over a really speeding car while I was on MAA watch and it was Admiral E. B. Flucky driving
himself in his wife’s car. He stopped and when I got to his window I almost passed out
when I saw who it was. I asked if I was going to, “write me one” and I just gave a nervous
laugh and waved him on. Didn’t have to worry about that at TI and anyway, we had the
Few and the Proud taking care of us at TI. And it was a homey place. I was also
discharged there in mid 1966. Anyway I was doing some consulting work in the Bay Area
back in the Spring 2002 and went out to see the Island and I actually was really saddened
to see what has become of it. The piers were all gone, including Pier 21 the long refueling
pier out on the NW corner of TI. The place was a mess: The Exchange was falling apart,
the new brig looked like an old brig, and the “A” school was shot. Nothing stays the same.
I went over to YBI to see if I could find the house Nimitz had lived in while I was there and
I did. Too many memories of my youth and I had to get out of there. Nothing stays the

Hello Jim
My wife and I are into the activity called geocaching. There were a number of 'caches' on
TI and thinking it would be neat to see TI again we headed out there. Like you I was
totally bummed to see what has become of a place that I spent a lot of time aboard off and
on between 1958 and 1965. Many of the buildings are either totally gone or in a serious
state of disrepair. Finally I looked at my wife and told her I did not want to be here
anymore and we departed. Between being attached to the reserve crew of the USS Walton
DE-361, attending reserve meetings in one of the big hangers when I first joined the Navy
with a high school buddy of mine and spending time in the transit barracks I knew TI well.
We also visited NAS Alameda around the same time to do some geocaching and had the
same experience. Times sure have changed.. .no Navy in the S F area at all anymore.


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